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George Pilgrim has just completed Citizen Pilgrim, Beyond Hollywood's Bright Lights. a World of Fraud & Deception - A True Hollywood Tell All  as featured in Vanity Fair Magazine, about his infamous past in Southern California, and more recently, in Sedona Arizona. But writing isn't the only place where George has made his mark.  Film Credits include his starring role as the original (AJ) J Chamberlain in the longest running CBS soap opera of all time, Guiding Light, which was filmed in New York City.

Upon leaving Guiding Light, George moved to Los Angeles, CA. He was represented by the late JJ Harris, partner of UTA (United Talent Agency) at the time, who also represented Kevin Costner, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore. With JJ Harris, George auditioned and secured many roles for television series and films. Some of George's noted successes include:

  • The cult classic Tammy and the T-Rex where he  starred with the late Paul Walker & Denise Richards   

  • Harts of the West on CBS with Beau Bridges

  • The highest rated popular episode in Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries (9) ,'Hotline' for Showtime, which also starred David Duchovny.

  • The number one syndicated television series VIP: Val Under Covers with Pamela Anderson.

  • George's most coveted role was co-starring with Michelle Williams as the infamous Billy the Kid in Universal Studios', Timemaster.

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Tammy & The T-Rex 2
Tammy and the T-Rex Uncut! June 17th at the Music Box!

Tammy and the T-Rex Uncut! June 17th at the Music Box!

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Tammy & The T-Rex